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4 Lemon Sesame Ginger Pouches 2.5oz

Wild caught tuna seasoned with lemon sesame & ginger. Contains 13 g protein. Low fat. Lean protein. Enjoy on the go. Spork included. Bee well for life. Est. 1899. New great taste! Love at first bite. Sure there are lots of fish in the sea, but there's only one Bumble Bee. Wild caught. Incredibly delicious. This is tuna bursting with lean protein and crave-worthy flavor combinations. Dive in. Go wild for lemon sesame & ginger. A twist of citrus and ginger. A pop of Asian flavors. Grab it. Spork it. Love it. Dolphin safe. Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram. Twitter. For inquiries concerning product, include UPC barcode numbers and code printed on back of pouch. Interested in where your tuna came from? U.S. Department of Commerce - Dolphin safe. Product of Thailand.

Bubble Bee Tuna

SKU: Lsg0001
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